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Where Do Trees Come From?
It’s an idea, a thought starter, not an assertion of fact. 


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Einar's Trees:  A Forest of Thought
George Einar Busséy

Trinity Makes Sense

Daraft updated 20Aug09 from original Draft August 18, 2009


Inherent in the generating of our universe there seems to have been some sort of metaphysical “math”.  It goes beyond this writer’s current abilities to extend it more than a few steps.  Should one be studying the algebra of inequalities?  Fractals?  What are your thoughts?  Suggestions?  Solutions? 


Here’s an idea, a thought starter, not an assertion of fact.


There is a three-in-one that makes sense in a metaphysical “math” sort of way.  Whether it accords with anyone’s spiritual doctrine may be a matter of each individual’s personal assessment and choice.


The recipe for Universe starts with Nothing-At-All and the first steps give us the basis of spirituality in the divergence of Unity and the basis of physical universe in the divergence of Zero.  Mix these together and you get us and a lot of other bonus stuff thrown in.


Step 1.                        Nothing At All becomes Unity
                             and Zero.


Step 2.a.                    Unity becomes a bunch of 
                              unique puzzle pieces that add up
                              to Unity.

                   (It is in this divergence of Unity that 
                    non-duality is manifest.)



Step 2.b.                    Zero becomes a bunch of pluses and
                              minuses that add up to Zero.


                    (It is from this divergence of Zero 
                                that duality is introduced.)


    and so forth (see micro-essay “Recipe Without the Logic”).


The divergence of Unity yields puzzle pieces that have uniqueness and “connectedness”.  Of the first two or more pieces that result from the first splitting apart of Unity there results one “piece” which divides no further.  It is the other one or more pieces which continue the process of breaking into more and more pieces to form our vast spiritual puzzle.  In this algebra every piece is unique.  Every subsequent division into more pieces always yields one piece that divides no further. 


All of the unique “jigsaw” puzzle pieces of Unity are tied together by a continuity condition.  This continuity relationship between Unity’s puzzle pieces is the most elementary version of what we call communication.  The analogous continuity relationships among the separated pieces of physical universe are referred to as forces.  The continuity condition called “communication” is to the universe of awareness as the continuity conditions called forces are to the universe of energy-matter.


The algebra of divergence-Unity leaves “labels” on each new and unique puzzle piece.  Each piece carries a set of “labels” that traces its “spiritual genealogy”.  Each piece carries with it a direct continuity relationship (a “spiritual connectedness”) to all of the pieces from which it has been derived over the course of the evolution of the divergence of Unity.  Thus every separate and unique puzzle piece of the divergence-Unity has a direct continuity relationship to that one special puzzle piece which arose out of the first splitting of Unity but did not divide further.  At the same time every separate and unique puzzle piece also has an indirect potential for connectedness to all other pieces of the whole including those pieces from which it is not directly derived.


These are the whole and the trinity, the three-in-one that make sense.  They are

1.)  That-from-which-we-come:  the sum of all of the pieces of the Unity.

2.)  First-piece-to-which-all-are-connected:   the one non-dividing offspring of the first dividing.

3.)  That-which-connects-us-all:  the continuity condition through which all pieces of divergence-Unity are connected and from which is derived the phenomena of communication.


The sum of all of the pieces is itself a “library” of all of the labels of all of the connections of all of the splittings.  The one non-dividing offspring of the first dividing holds direct connections to all other pieces of the puzzle thus representing within itself the sum of the whole.  It is the-one-which-connects-all.  The sum of all the continuity-condition relationships adds up to the same thing.    Each of these three aspects of divergence-Unity contains all of the information of the divergence of Unity.  They are three-in-one.


It’s a sort of metaphysical “math”.   It’s an idea, a thought starter, not an assertion of fact.


Consider a somewhat parallel contemporary analogy.  If you have a map of the totality of the central processor and the individual nodes and phones of a mobile phone network, you know the network.  If you look inside the central processor (the-one-which-connects-all) and see the mapping to all of the connections to all of the nodes and individual phones, you know the network.  If you sense the electro-magnetic activity among and between all of the phones, nodes and the central processor, you know the network.  The network is “three in one”.


George Einar Busséy

Updated draft August 20, 2009

(Based on “Einar’s Eternity”, January 1976, Tehran, Iran)


Recipe Without the Logic (revised 30July2009geb)


It’s an idea, a thought starter, not an assertion of fact. 


All of existence is an experiment to determine whether a differentiated state is more stabile than a null state … and it’s a choice.


The recipe reads like this.


Ingredients: Nothing At All.


Step 1.                   Nothing At All becomes Unity
                             and Zero.


Step 2.a.                Unity becomes a bunch of 
                              unique puzzle pieces that add up
                              to Unity.

Step 2.b.                Zero becomes a bunch of pluses and
                              minuses that add up to Zero.


Step 3.a.                The relationship between Unity’s  puzzle pieces is the most elementary version of what we call communication. Depending on the orientation of the puzzle pieces it can be neutral, attract or repel.  The orientation of the puzzle pieces is a rudimentary version of choice and is the basis of what has evolved to become what we call awareness.

Step 3.b.                The relationships between Zero’s pluses and minuses are the most fundamental versions of what we call forces.  Depending which combinations of pluses or minuses are involved they either attract or repel.  There is no choice.  There is no awareness.  There is physical energy-matter.


Step 4.                   What Zero and Unity have in common is that breaking them into pieces creates change and it creates separation.  That is to say, it creates time and space.


Step 5.a.                The pieces of Zero, the pluses and minuses, respond to physical principles.  They expand into space under the influence of gravity.

Step 5.b.                The pieces of Unity, those unique puzzle pieces, given the property of choice, determine the separation and arrangement of themselves.  That is to say they determine the way space is set up.


Step 6.                   The way space is set up becomes the frame within which physical universe, those plus and minus pieces of Zero, must evolve under the influence of those intercommunicated and unique pieces of Unity.  The property which brings balance to this evolution is what we call gravity.   We think of gravity as being constant, but it changes with the configuration of space.


Step 7.a.                Evolution is driven by the interplay of the pieces of Unity and Zero creating time and space.       

Step 7.b.                The rudimentary “choice” characteristic inherent in the pieces of Unity allows for the development of higher levels of awareness.  Hence certain aspects of evolution may be guided by intent, one way of defining “intelligent design.”

Step 7.c.                Unaligned choices of the pieces of Unity may randomly offset each other, but the overall distribution of elements of awareness may determine whether universe expands or contracts.

Step 7.d.                The intercommunicated pieces of Unity represent a lot of energy, perhaps the missing energy which our telescopes cannot see, perhaps another way of thinking about the “cosmological ether.”

Step 7.e.                Harmony is achievable if the pieces of Unity can be realigned, if the jig saw puzzle can be arranged with all of the pieces set out in proper relationship to one another but not actually interconnected, aligned but spread out.  We need assurance that the whole thing will not collapse back into an undifferentiated state of no contrast.  An assurance that removes the fear of collapse is the promise that one piece will be held out, a sacrifice.


Financial Implication of the Spiraling Cycle of Spiritual Evolution

DRAFT AS OF August 2, 2009


It’s an idea, a thought starter, not an assertion of fact.


This thinking derives from the foundational idea that the first step in building a universe is the distinction between Unity and Zero.  It is the idea that all existence has issued forth from a preceding timeless state of No-Contrast.  The first break in that timeless state, the first difference, the first bit of information is the difference between the undifferentiated state of Zero and the undifferentiated state of Unity.  Each holds within its undifferentiated state a different potential, a different and mutually exclusive algebra of change.  The simple story is that Zero diverges into pluses and minuses, whereas Unity diverges into many unique puzzle pieces.


The interwoven divergences of Zero and Unity have occurred together in time and space.  This evolution has led to us and the universe in which we live.  The algebra of the divergence of Zero is all about energy and matter.  The algebra of the divergence of Unity is all about relationships and awareness.  We are a composite consequence of this evolution.


Our universe is vast.  We can observe many of the physically related consequences of the divergence of Zero.  We call it The Big Bang.  But we fail to appreciate the awareness related (spiritual) consequences of the divergence of Unity, also of cosmological significance, also part of the big bang.  We understand many of the aspects of universe which are dominated by the characteristics of the divergence of Zero.  But all aspects of universe involve the interplay of both divergence-Zero and divergence-Unity.  We can better understand that interplay if we first derive a basic algebra of the divergence of Unity.


All of the pieces of divergence-Unity are unique, like the pieces of a vast jigsaw puzzle.  The common characteristic of all of these unique pieces is that each has an elemental capacity for choice:  to align with others to induce separateness, to induce a coming together, or to have neutral effect.


The basis of this analysis is to look at the limits of simplicity.  So, for example, the state of nothing-at-all, or No Contract, is the ultimate limit of simplicity.  Within each phase of divergence from that ultimate simplicity is to be found another fundamental simplicity.


In considering divergence-Unity it is most elemental to begin with just one piece of the puzzle, an individual piece, an individual by itself.  The next level is to consider two pieces and the relationship between them, the relationship of a binary pair.  We find this at the root of our biology.


Beyond the binary pair there is group.  The most elemental of groups is a combining of three.  And although groupings of four and more arise, they increase in complexity. For group, the limit of simplicity is three.  For hierarchy the limit of simplicity is four.  For network, the limit of simplicity is five.  Beyond network there is a phase for which the limit of simplicity is six.  This is a state of multiple free association among the elements.  The next phase, for which the limit of simplicity would be seven, reduces from a minimum of seven multiply associated free elements to form an integrated individual, a new unity at a higher level of awareness.  Keep in mind that we are building an understanding based on the limits of simplicity.  In our Human experience our family groups can be large, our hierarchies international and our networks global and pervasive.


You can look for these sequential phases in repeated cycles of evolution, building to ever greater levels of integrated complexity and reconnection.  The purpose of this short essay is to focus on the implications of this fundamental sequence with regard to the evolution of Human culture on Earth.  Pairing of male and female partners formed the basis for the numerical growth of the species.  Early group structures were composed of families and small hunter-gatherer tribes.  Further levels of cultural development, associated with the emergence of agriculture and then industrialization, gave rise to hierarchical societies.  Today we are experiencing the transition from social and economic structures of hierarchical form to new structures based on network.  Each phase of the evolution of Human culture has led to higher levels of productivity and more extensive and integrated means of communication.


Beyond the network society lies the sixth phase of development before evolution transforms Human culture and life on Earth into a fully integrated seventh level awareness, a higher level individual identity.  That sixth phase is the development of multiple free association which enables the sorting out of conflict and attainment of balance, harmony.  From harmony emerges Earth as an individual which will then reach out into the cosmos to seek out other individuals of similar evolutionary level with which to pair and group.


This places us currently on the evolutionary curve at a point where pairs and groups, hierarchies and networks all play a role, and when the phase six effects of multiple free association begin to emerge. 


Human population is rapidly approaching the carrying capacity of the planet.  It has taken millennia to get to this point, but due to exponential growth, capacity will be reached soon.  The massive productivities of the information age will help us cope, but they will not stop the cycle of evolutionary phase changes.


Human communication capabilities are rapidly evolving towards a capacity for global multiple free association.  We are rapidly approaching an era in which almost any Human on the face of the Earth will be capable of communicating with any other individual in a freely associative fashion.  It is not unlikely that mechanisms of telepathic communication will be discovered and developed and that solutions will emerge to deal with inefficiencies and conflict in Human culture.  Only upon dissolution of conflict and inefficiency will the stabilization of a global identity finally be realized.


These final phases of Earth’s evolution have many important implications for each and every one of us.  For now consider just the following two:  1.) There will come about an end to the use of money as we know it, and 2.) There will be a “day of reckoning” on Earth, but it will not be the end of time.


Implication 1.):  It does seem that we are facing a very significant “crisis” over the next several decades which could be either a big opportunity or a real mess.  The global financial meltdown of 2008 focused us on the role of money, what it is and how it works.  We will soon be crossing over an inflection point from a world of general scarcity to a world of general abundance.  We are not prepared for the day when the meaning of money as we know it breaks down.  That the cross-over from the industrial age to the information age is already generating enormous productivities is broadly understood.  But our economic structures are not designed to handle the situation when it crosses over from a world of general scarcity to a world of general abundance.


It is a reasonable projection that the successor to the information age will be the spiritual age.  So keep in mind that the teeter-totter of scarcity and abundance is a question of supply and demand.  Thus, an era of mushrooming productivity and declining materialism can turn a global economy upside-down.


There always needs to be a language of sharing, i.e. money; and if the current language breaks down, i.e. if our current economic and monetary mechanisms fail as they are hit with a tsunami of  abundance, the transition is likely to be turbulent.  


Having “work”, a meaningful way of contributing to society, has always been a problem, but in a world of scarcity there was always something useful to be done, even if menial and tedious.  In this coming era in which productivity will grow to the extent that we really won’t need so many people to “work” what will people do and how will they live?  And when the whole concept of “money”, what it is and how it works, gets called into question, what will replace it?  


Implication 2.):  There will be a “day of reckoning.”  This so called “day of reckoning” isn’t a day per se.  It isn’t a “bad” thing, nor is it anything to fear.  It simply recognizes that when the population of Earth becomes sufficiently harmonized to function as a stabile global identity, many members of humanity will find fulfillment in that harmony, but there will be others of us who will not fit in, who must seek elsewhere in universe to find our ultimate homes.  For those it will be a new adventure.


It’s an idea, a thought starter, not an assertion of fact.



George Einar Busséy

DRAFT August 2, 2009

(Based on “Einar’s Eternity”, January 1976, Tehran, Iran)



OK to Know (revised 30July2009geb)

It’s an idea, a thought starter, not an assertion of fact.  

The existential root of fear is that knowing might destroy us.  Scientologists have a foundational precept (L. Ron Hubbard’s “Fundamentals of Thought”).  If you can see something for exactly what it is, it must disappear.    This could make knowing dangerous.  Other theological perspectives embrace mystery, the idea that the fundamentals can’t be known, or ought not be known.  Maybe we cower behind a sort of theological notion that if you could see exactly what, where and when, it wouldn’t be there.  On the other hand, it is perhaps OK to Know.


Know what?  The nature of nature?  Many decades ago science discarded the notion of the “cosmological ether”.  And today any notion of “intelligent design” is readily dismissed if not ridiculed.  But not so fast, there may be more to these concepts than meets the eye.


If various forms of matter are just various configurations of energy, let’s not worry about mass; there is just energy.  If various forms of energy are just the vibrations of unwinding potentials, let’s not worry about energy; the ultimate pool of expended potentials will be calm.  If time is just the change of unwinding potentials, forget about time; where there is no change there can be no time.  Is there another factor?  What about space?  Did a Big Bang create space or did space create a Big Bang? 


Keeping it simple may be stupid, or it is perhaps profound.  The next closest concept to perfect simplicity (the simplicity of “nothing at all”) is the idea of a single bit of information (the difference between 1 and 0).  “The first bit, that’s it.”  If the state of nature as “nothing at all,” a state of no contrast, becomes a state of one bit of information (the difference between 1 and 0) change has occurred and time has begun. 


If 1 and 0 have nothing holding them together, no continuity condition, well then they are disconnected and not of the same universe.  To be parts of the same universe a continuity connects their differentness.  This gives us “Differential Continuity”, a universe of differences held together by continuities.


Time is the first level continuity condition.  It connects the state of  “No Contrast” (the state of nothing at all) to the state of Differential Continuity.  This first level continuity condition persists then through all succeeding states of evolution.  It is change.


Evolution couldn’t have ended there, or we wouldn’t be here.  What next?  The further differentiation of 1 (“Unity”) and 0 (“Zero”)?  How does nature generate enough information to bring about a Big Bang?  It’s anti-science, metaphysics, theology, a hypothesis, an idea, not an assertion of fact:  undifferentiated Unity and Zero look alike but the next evolutionary step reveals a difference, the algebra. 


Unity is like an enormous sheet of white paper of which you can’t even see the edges.  Well you can’t see anything really because there are no wrinkles, no black marks, no differentials.  It’s first differentiation is like ripping that paper into two big rough edged unique pieces A and B.  “A” does not further divide.  It has a commonality with “B” and all succeeding sub-pieces of B.  B does further divide into more unique pieces, which divide into more unique pieces, an explosion of pieces of Unity, each piece unique but also carrying a commonality with those preceding generations of pieces from which it has been derived.


Zero is like a still body of water with no shores.  Again, there is nothing to see because there are no ripples, no reflections, no differentials.  It’s first differentiation is one of polarities, many identical pluses balanced by many identical minuses.  The algebra here is quite different: many identical and offsetting  parts zooming in and out of existence.


The state of No Contrast differentiates into Unity and Zero under a continuity condition called time.  At the second stage there is a second continuity condition.  Unity differentiates into unique non-canceling subparts. Zero differentiates into non-unique mutually offsetting subparts. The explosion of Unity into many unique pieces introduces separateness, which is distance, which is space.  The explosion of Zero into many non-unique elements introduces separateness, which is distance, which is space.  The Divergence of Unity and Divergence of Zero have a shared characteristic, a continuity condition, space.  They are contained within the continuity conditions of time and space.


What of the continuity conditions within the Divergence of Unity and within the Divergence of Zero?  Again, the “algebra” is different. 


The continuity condition between elements of Divergence Unity is a two-way connection by means of which elements converge or diverge or stand neutral.  The form of this phenomenon with which we are familiar is called communication.  The essence of this Divergence Unity characteristic is choice, and with choice comes the naissance of awareness.


The continuity conditions between elements of Divergence Zero work differently because there are plus and minus elements.  These continuity conditions are called forces, some combinations yielding convergence and others yielding divergence.  It is characteristic of these interactions that choice and awareness are not present.


The time and space continuity conditions that contain both Divergence Unity and Divergence Zero hold all of existence in connection.  Space, as impacted by the awareness of Divergence Unity and as impacted by the physicality of Divergence Zero is the evolutionary container of the interplay of these factors.  They also give space its characteristics, one of which is gravity.


The distribution of Divergence Unity impacts gravity and thus relates to the extent of expansion or contraction of the physical universe.  Such a hypothesis might justifiably be disavowed by meta-physicists and physicists alike.  Yet such a profound hypothesis ought not be ignored.  Is this really so outrageous?  Consider the enormous energies inferred by the Divergence of Unity, perhaps the missing energies which our telescopes can’t find.  Think through the implications.  And don’t worry.  It’s OK to Know.


Knowing intuitively is inherent in the nature of our awareness.  It is in seeking to know intellectually that we get into trouble.  The intellectual coding of our intuitive knowing is imperfect.  When we seek to map that intellectual coding back to the original we get lost in these imperfections.  There!


(Based on “Einar’s Eternity”, January 1976, Tehran, Iran)

The First Bit

Since all doth certainly of nothing come
It must to zero or else unity sum
But since undivided these look both the same
"No Contrast" shall better describe our original frame.

No space and no time, just peace and no mind;
"No Contrast" defined as the simplest of kind.

Divergent is our condition now
No need to god our heads to bow
If understanding his origin
Men comprehend their lack of sin.

The first bit, that's it!
Divide "N.C." into zero and unit.
To generate nature expand zero-conserved.
To create god or soul or whatever,
Split unity, fractionate, but the sum total preserve ... Forever.
this is what a soul is.

An excerpt from
"A Theory That Would Interest Charles Fourrier"
George Einar Busséy, 1973, Madison, Wisconsin









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